Yeti Cool Snowboard

The Burton x Mdxone Kids Snowboard is specifically crafted to make the process of teaching your child how to snowboard an enjoyable and engaging one. Featuring delightful Yeti graphics that kids will love, as well as Burton’s renowned expertise in board design, this snowboard is an excellent choice for your little one’s snowboarding fun.


Yeti Cool Goggles

Introducing our brand new kids ski goggles featuring our adorable yeti characters! These goggles are specially designed to provide the perfect combination of comfort, style, and functionality for your little ones on the slopes.


Yeti Stuffy

Your favorite characters from our MDXONE children’s book; LEARNING TO SNOWBOARD A YETI STORY have finally come to life! Bring Oxi & Maddie on the slopes with you or wherever you go. They make great Slope Fun Buddies for your little one.


Snowboard Harness

The harness we offer is a unique innovation that serves dual purposes, combining a kids’ backpack for your young student with a retractable leash for the instructor. It is the first and only harness specifically designed for snowboarding, though it works equally well for skiing. This ingenious design provides both safety and convenience, allowing instructors to guide young learners while they carry their essentials in the backpack.


Ski Harness

The MDXONE mini-OX is a 5 points ski harness. It includes a removable seat harness that offers extra support for your little one, a grab handle to pick up your little skier off the snow or to help out going on/off the chairlift, and a 9’static rope with two bungees, the bungees offer a smooth stop and eliminates the need of a second rope.



Our new and improved balaclava design features soft, stretchy polar fleece material that offers full face and neck protection. It’s breathable, quick-drying, and comes with an adjustable drawcord for a custom fit.



Our pompoms are not just soft and fluffy; they come with an elastic attachment that allows you to easily loop them onto your balaclava. This ensures that the pompoms stay securely in place while adding a playful and fun look to your outfit. With a size of 2 inches, these pompoms are the perfect embellishment for any winter accessory.


Hard Cover Book

Learning to Snowboard- A Yeti Story.  This Family Yeti Story will get both you and your children excited about SNOWBOARDING!

Easy as 1, 2, 3




For more information and helpful videos, feel free to visit our Parents Corner!