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Learning to snowboard is as easy as 1 • 2 • 3

1 • PULL

2 • Walk

3 • Ride

Pull your child on the flat to get them used to their snowboard using the leash. Connect both bungees together and loop the front binding strap to them. This can be done anytime and anywhere. On the snow during winter and on the grass during summer. You can also pull your child indoor on carpet. Be creative.
On a gentle slope, connect the leash to one of the three connections on the backpack. Walk behind the child practicing going straight downhill, sliding heelside and toeside using the connections showcased below.
Control the speed of your child using the stop button or by grasping the rope if using the two hand technic.
Always keep an eye on the child’s toes to reduce and avoid front edges/falls. When you see their toes going down, just press on the leash black stop button to correct child or break their fall.
Repeat the same 3 connections as above but this time follow the child on your snowboard. In a gentle slope, ride behind the child and try to let him/her ride freely by keeping the same speed in a safe distance. Do not create too much slack on the line as it will make it harder to break their fall.
Always keep an eye on the child’s toes to reduce and avoid front edge/falls and collisions. When you see their toes going down, stop the leash to correct the child’s balance or break their fall.

Rayyan 1 yrs old

How To Use the Ring Connections

Three ways to teach your child. From Beginner to Advance




For beginners, attach both bungee cords on the ”OX” Backpack on each side of the hips, which makes a “Y” connection. Pull on the right to make your student engage a left turn and vise versa. There is no need to use two ropes.
Hook both bungee cords/clips to the “D” ring or one clip on the “D” ring & one on the “O” ring on one side of the bag (waist) and you’ll be able to control the speed of your student when practicing going straight downhill.
Hook both bungee cords/clips to the  “O” ring and you’ll be able to control their speed as well as control their turns, the ring will travel from one side to the other.  Speed is key when starting to hit small obstacles and the MDXONE ”OX” will help you control it with ease.
You can also use the leash in front of the student using the same attachment points to practice toe side with your student (snowboarding) or towing your student if on skis.

And it’s also the BEST for Skiing…

Use the “Y” connection for skiing, connect at the front for pulling on the flat and “Y” connection at the back to ski down the hill. Tug to the right to help your child initiate a left turn and vice versa for a right turn.  No need for 2 ropes!

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